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All of our Starborn™ Jewelry is individually designed in our Hawaii or Bali design studios. We arrange and shape unique and natural gemstones in a pattern that resembles the finished jewelry piece and then send the stones to our factory in Bali for assembly. All our jewelry is handmade by very experienced silversmiths and each piece is unique.

Creating the finished jewelry involves many steps such as building a silver bezel that follows the natural shape of the gemstone, assembly of the silver frame, pre-polishing, setting the gemstones, final polishing etc. During each step the jewelry is inspected for quality control to minimize any flaws or defects. We are using many rare gemstones, free form shaped crystals and fossils in our jewelry and the pictured jewelry piece in our online collection is the exact same jewelry piece that we are sending out to you.

• beautiful • elegant • valuable • timeless

Our jewelry is truly one-of-a kind, if one item is sold, there is no other item exactly like it, only similar items. Each gemstone, fossil and crystal we use in the jewelry is different and most pieces can not be replicated since there are no crystals or fossils exactly alike. We are offering a very affordable high value product. Each piece is a work of art that is as
unique as your individual style and taste, made with the highest quality Sterling Silver and natural gemstones from around the world. If you are for whatever reason not satisfied with your purchase, you can return all items for a full refund within 15 days of purchase. Thank you so much for your interest in our Starborn™ Jewelry.

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