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Imagine....a huge fireball with a long glowing tail streaking across the sky accompanied by an intense light comparable to the sun. Hissing, clattering, and thundering noises are heard, followed by an explosion-like rumble as the fireball collides with the Earth.

Discovered in the early 1800's in the central desert of Namibia, Africa, the total fall was approximately 150 tons of metal composed of 92% iron, 7.5% nickel, and the remaining 1.5% in trace minerals. Upon impact, the meteorite broke into countless smaller pieces which are scattered over 200 square miles. The crystalline pattern, called the Widmanstatten pattern naturally occurs in outerspace due to slow cooling.


Discovered in 1923, this Texas meteorite fell to earth aproximately 50,000 years ago blasting out a crater over 500 feet across and 75 feet deep. Now the crater is filled with sand and is barely visible between the oil wells and thorn bushes south of the highway outside Odessa.


This meteorite was first identified in 1891. About 50,000 years ago a meteorite about 80 feet across entered our atmosphere at an angle of about 30 degrees and impacted the Arizona desert at approximately 30,000 mph creating a crater 4000 feet across and 700 feet deep. Most of the meteorite vaporized on impact, but some fragments remained with the largest piece weighing 1,400 lbs.


Meteorite Care

Most of our genuine Meteorite Jewelry is made from rare Gibeon iron-nickel meteorites that are cut, etched and plated.  We also use the Odessa, Sikhote-Alin, Campo de Cielo and Canyon Diablo meteorite nuggets in our jewelry.

We have developed a unique coating technique, which protects the cut meteorite pieces from wear and oxidation. The final coating on our etched meteorite jewelry is a layer of pure Rhodium. Some items and all the meteorite watches are available without any coating. We guarantee the authenticity of all our Meteorite Jewelry pieces and hope you will enjoy our very unique products.

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