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Starborn Creations offers an extensive line of premium Drusy (also called Druzy), Drusy Jewelry and Drusy Cabochons. Check out our selection of Drusy Bracelets, Drusy Earrings, Drusy Rings, Drusy Pendants, matched sets, Drusy Cuff links, Drusy Cabochons and custom order loose stone drusy.   If you are interested in quantity purchases of unset Drusy Cabochons please fill out our custom order form. Learn more about drusy below...

Drusy (Druzy): The matrix stone of a Drusy agate geode is Chalcedony or Agate, which has small crystallizations of Quartz on the inside surface of the Geode. We use mainly white or yellowish natural colored Quartz Drusy as rough to cut our Drusy Cabochons.

The Drusy Cabochons are mostly cut out of the center of the Geode, which has a chamber or hollow space. The walls of this hollow space are covered with tiny little quartz crystals and these are the crystals you see on the top surface of our Drusy Cabochons.  The name drusy is derived from the German word for Geode, which is called “Druse”.

Recently natural Drusy with a very thin µm thick metal-coating on the crystals  has become more popular in gemstone jewelry.

These enhanced natural Drusy Cabochons are coated with pure elements such as Rose gold, Platinum, Silica, Titanium and other precious and non-precious metals or elements. The durable metal deposit is totally indifferent to everyday-influences such as water, friction or skin contact.

The process (Vapor Deposition Coating) and durability of these metal coatings on Quartz is comparable to the mirroring surface coatings on sunglasses, but the coatings we use are thicker and even more durable.

The coatings on our Drusy Cabochons are produced for us by a world leading US based Laboratory for VDC.   With the fusion of genuine natural Drusy Gemstones and metal luster we are able to add a new and brilliant accent to our designs as well as supply craftspeople and jewelry producers around the world with these exciting and fashionable enhanced Gemstones.

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