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Starborn Creations offers an extensive line of premium amber jewelry. Check out our selection of amber bracelets, earrings, rings, pins, neckwear, pendants, and matched sets. Learn more about amber below...
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Sumatra Blue Amber
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Amber Care

Amber is a fossilized tree resin that has hardened over millions of years to form a durable and hard organic gem like material that has been known and used as adornment for thousands of years, especially around the Baltic Sea in Europe. Baltic Amber was on of the first export goods from that area to trade spices, salt and metals in ancient times. It has been treasured ever since pieces were discovered washed ashore, being freed by ocean currents from sedimentary deposits in the marine sediments. Baltic Amber is composed of pine tree resin that has fossilized 35-44 million years ago and is found in alluvial deposits throughout large areas of Northern Europe.
Amber has also been valued for its assumed magical and medical properties. Amber was not only thought to protect the living, but to speed up the journey of the soul after death. In ancient Scandinavia an amber talisman was placed in tombs along with other treasures to protect the soul during its journey.
Different ages of fossilized resin from many different tree species are found around the world and as new mining, especially for coal, continues around the world, new ambers also much and younger fossil resins (which are called copal) are being discovered. Other than the Baltic Amber from Poland and Russia, commercially viable locations include amber from the Ukraine, Dominican Republic, Chiapas / Mexico, Burma and Sumatra.

Amber has not been sought after or traditionally "mined" in Indonesia -- that is until now. Two of the major amber producing areas in Indonesia are Kalimantan and Sumatra, the Kalimantan amber being generally not suitable for jewelry applications but also producing some nice white and yellow varieties in addition to mostly brown ambers. In Sumatra new localities with much better qualities of amber than previously known from the general area have recently been discovered.
It's this Sumatran amber that is truly unique -- it is found in the usual golden-yellow, brown ("amber color"), white and reddish hues, but also in olive green and most importantly a navy blue color. Most of the Sumatra amber shows strong natural fluorescence under UV light and a very small portion of the rough amber found is a true gem quality blue amber that shows an intense blue reflection in normal sunlight. Insect inclusion also occur, but very rarely and only few pieces with insect inclusions can be found in this material.
Blue amber is the rarest of all ambers, and before the Indonesian discovery it was only found in the Dominican Republic and in small quantities in Mexico. The Sumatra amber that Starborn Creations is mining in a small area of Sumatra is found in a primary deposit in between coal layers that range in age from 15-25 million years old, some layers are even older. Less than 1% of all the amber recovered is of blue color.
Blue amber is extraordinary: When you look AT it (reflecting light) it's blue, but when you look THROUGH it (at the light source) it looks reddish brown or amber color. Indonesian amber can be clear or opaque. In all of its colors it often has extraordinary inclusions that resemble golden or opalescent lights, white or black stripes or tiny bubbly spheres, making each piece singular and unique.

All amber is composed of fossilized organic compounds and like any material of organic origin (pearls, wood, leather etc) proper care must be taken to maintain the polish and luster of the material. Other than most Baltic amber in commercial use, the Sumatra Amber used by Starborn Creations in jewelry has not been heat treated or otherwise been altered to enhance durability and appearance.
We do, however, surface coat most of our Amber pieces with a specially formulated synthetic wax that contains UV protection. All amber is susceptible to damage from UV light and should be kept in a dry place away from direct sunlight if not worn. We provide a special polishing and sealing solution called "Amber Radiance" that you can use to clean and re-polish your amber periodically. "Amber Radiance" also contains UV protection and applying it periodically on amber, pearls, or even other gemstones will prolong the lifetime of their polish and luster.

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