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Starborn Creations, Inc. is based in the Red Rock splendor of Sedona, Arizona USA with design offices on the Hawaiian Island of Maui and on the Indonesian Island of Bali. Starborn Creations was founded in 1996 by German born Jeweler Arne Christophersen, who together with his wife Anahi designs and supervises Starborn’s Jewelry Creations.

Arne and his highly trained Staff are continually inspired by the natural beauty of Fossils, Gemstones and Minerals. We are using a wide range of Natural Gems to create exciting Jewelry, buying rough Gemstones and Minerals directly from Mines and travelling extensively to many remote parts of the world during the year.

Starborn Creations specializes in designing affordable handmade One-of-a-Kind Gemstone Jewelry, which allows us to utilize very Rare and Unusual Materials as well as free form Shapes, for instance our more Celestial Designs will include valuable Meteorites, Tektites and Moldavites to offer our Customers truly unique Starborn™ Jewelry Art.

We hope our Jewelry will show the inherent beauty and harmony of Natural Gemstones and let them shine in a different context and light, calling to mind the preciousness of our natural environment and existence.Thank you for your interest in our Starborn™ Jewelry…

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